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UCG (Universal Commerce Group) consists of 25 international projects focused on Real Estate, E-commerce, Price Comparison, Marketplaces, Job Search, Recruiting, Car Sales,  Healthcare, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Fin Tech, Media, etc.

We created leaders in Real Estate area, like: / / / in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and continue to develop new ideas and directions everyday. We carry out pre-project researches with the help of UCGLabs.

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Let's see what you will get by listing your property with us

Powerful CRM

In our CRM there is everything you need to publish and manage all your objects. Of the advantages, we also note: the possibility of correspondence with buyers, adding agents of your agency, information about leads and most importantly, views analytics of your real estate properties

More about your property and Agency

You will be able to add features of your property, videos, floor plans, 360° Virtual Tour and much more! And you will receive not just beautiful Agency page, but even personal pages of your agents!


We want to be the best for you and will respond 7 days a week. We will be happy to consider your suggestions for improvements and implement them on the site with you!

Powerful Customer Relationship Management [CRM]

Keep track of all your leads and customers without having to pay for an external CRM solution


Publish and Manage Your Property Data From An Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Everything you need to publish your property is done with a user-friendly dashboard.


Featured Properties Allows You To Put Your Listings Under a Spotlight

Let your agents push their best assets by placing them in the right spot. Allow them to mark certain properties as “featured” and show their hottest products without extra work.


Stay On Top Of Your Visitors Information With Insight Property Data

See what works and what doesn’t by using our flexible analytics panel. Every single interaction your visitors have with your property is tracked providing valuable insights about your listings.


Easily Manage Your Leads Generating Potential Business Opportunities

Need to keep track of your leads and clients? View every potential lead, its source, contact info and other important data to be able to create the most efficient way to turn them into sales


Manage Real Estate Inquiries And Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Answering inquiries of any potential lead in a timely manner is key to making sales. Never miss a question with our easy-to-use Inquiries panel.


Allows Your Real Estate Agents To Manage All Necessary Property Data

Let your agents do they work. Your agents’ listings are easily editable from the provided frontend dashboard.

More About Your Property And Agency

More information about your property, become more visible!


Tell more about the benefits of your property

You can show every advantage of your object, by talking more about them, you increase your chance!

Floor Plans

Tell about the furnishings of the rooms in the house

Many buyers want to know how everything will be inside their future properties. Floor plans will perfectly tell them about it for you!

Schedule A Tour

Receive instant notifications of customer desires

You can show the house alive? Many people after the situation with the pandemic prefer online viewing, give them that opportunity!

Video of your property

You have video of the house? We can show it!

It is very easy for us to embed and place your video. From YouTube or even from your website.

360° Virtual Tour

Latest trend 360° Virtual Tour of your property

Why a Virtual Open House is a Great Idea?

Even before the lockdown situation came about, hosting virtual open houses and lifestreaming to a big potential audience was gaining momentum for quite some time. It has a number of benefits for all involved – saves time and money and in the current situation it is the safest option.

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  • Time Period: 3 months
  • Properties: 25
  • Featured Listings: 5
  • Time Period: 3 months
  • Properties: 40
  • Featured Listings: 10
  • Time Period: 3 months
  • Properties: Unlimited Listings
  • Featured Listings: 25
We understand that you may not have enough time to add your properties. To do this quickly, you can write to us and we will automatically add your properties from your site or from any other.

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